Choosing A Non-Rental Paintball Gun

/Choosing A Non-Rental Paintball Gun

Choosing A Non-Rental Paintball Gun

It’s time. Time to buy a paintball gun because you love playing and the rental guns aren’t cutting it anymore. Everyone else you know probably has top-of-the-line paintball guns, but do you really need to spend thousands to get a new gun? Not likely. There are plenty of mid-range choices that will help you play better but not put you out of house and home. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for your new gear.

The Basics

Different types of field players will have different needs. The same goes for how competitive you want to be. However, for your first real gun, the only certain requirement is to get something reliable. Price doesn’t always reflect quality so don’t get too caught up in that during your search. While doing your research, be sure to look at reviews and user manuals or videos. No sense in buying a gun you won’t know how to play with.

Automatic Vs. Pump

Depending on who you’re playing with, you’ll either need an automatic or pump gun. Ask around to see which to buy. Think of it as bringing a stick to a sword fight and vice versa. This is the first thing you’ll need to determine before buying so don’t buy first and ask later.

Size And Weight

Paintball guns come in all sizes and shapes. Most people prefer lighter guns for their mobility, but you’ll want to determine what is the right fit for you. Long-time players can give you the breakdown if you’re unsure. Another consideration is upgrading. Paintball guns are like cars; you can upgrade and add on particular things. If you like to play different ways or like the customizable idea, this may be something to further look into.

Research and other players will be your best bet to finding a gun that suits your playing style and budget. Second-hand sellers are an option most look at but beware of scammers. Ask around to see if anyone has had problems or knows the person before buying. When in doubt, buy from a direct shipper. Happy shopping.

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