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Paintball Is Fun & Safe | SB PAINTBALL
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June 30, 2017
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July 28, 2017

Paintball Is Fun & Safe

Looking for a fun new activity for your kids? If safety has prevented you from exploring paintball, worry no more. Here at SB Paintball, security for all players, professional and beginners, is our top priority.

How We Ensure Safety
Every member of our staff knows how each piece of equipment works. Our staff also plays regularly themselves so they can make sure you and your kid have masks and know how to operate the paintball markers. Should something come up, there is always someone on-site and even a member on the field. Unlike other sports, we provide constant assistance and are equipped for any situation.

There are even members willing to take time and care individually to make sure you and your children are comfortable with the play and rules. Our only recommendation is to come in padded clothing. Otherwise, just go out and see for yourself just how fun and beneficial paintball can be.

To schedule a time to play or if you have other questions, please call 801-216-3755.


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