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Paintball Is Good For Team Building | SB PAINTBALL
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July 25, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Paintball Is Good For Team Building


You may be wondering what Paintball, typically a leisure sport, has to do with corporate and business team building. It may even surprise you to know that the two can be closely involved. Many large groups have used paintball exercises as a team building activity for the direct translation between paintball and team principles. What we mean is that the skills used and developed while playing a successful game of paintball can translate to effective team work at your place of business. There are many principles to an effective team but we’ve highlighted 9 that corporate retreats to a paintball field can influence.

Unity In Purpose
One of the first things you have to establish with any good team is that they’re all unified in purpose, or going in the same direction. Paintball streamlines unity as it becomes immediately clear when there is confusion and chaos on the field. While it is still possible to achieve the ultimate goal (winning the point) in confusion, a direct purpose with quick execution is more reliable.

Good Communication

Everything breaks down to communication. Bad communication with throw even the most disciplined and well-working team into hot water. Good communication ensures that unplanned and surprise attacks don’t set the team back. This trickles down to every aspect of a business, not just the team so effective communication is key!

Constructive Conflict

Similar to good communication, conflict that arises must be dealt with constructively. With the right tools, any conflict in opinion or direction can be adequately resolved and the task set again with minimal loss of time. It can also reduce the danger that follows conflict. As it applies to paintball this could mean a reduction in “hits” if all works out.

Respect For All

Respect is one of the more tricky concepts as it isn’t as tangible as staying safe on the field. However, having a respectful atmosphere means everyone can get their opinion in and the team can move forward with the goal. Disrespectful atmospheres often leads to unhappiness, anger, frustration, and an overall breakdown in the system.

A Clear Goal

Goals need to be realistic. They need to involve everyone in the team and be executable almost all of the time. In business, this can be more complicated but for Paintball it is as simple as eliminating the other team members and hitting the target on the other side of the field. This can be accomplished many ways but each step will need to be defined first.


To achieve each step, roles will need to be assigned. A good leader is as necessary as good team members. The leader needs to remember the strengths and weaknesses of each member and assign roles accordingly. For example, if someone runs fast, they may want to be put in the middle – protected from first hits but readily available to hit the target should an opening arise.


Last, but not least, is trust. To ensure all the above principles tie in, trust is a must. Without it, there is no glue to hold everything together. With it, even the hardest or most confusing tasks will be manageable.

See for yourself just how your team(s) can benefit from a session on the paintball field. We encourage those of all ages and have rentals and safety equipment on site. Call now to set up an appointment or ask any questions we haven’t already covered in our FAQ.


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