Which is better? Outdoor or Indoor Paintball?

Both options have several benefits and draw backs. When we first opened our doors in 2014, we originally had an indoor facility. We learned a lot about indoor paintball after a full year of operation. We concluded that we would be able to provide a much better experience for our customers with outdoor fields. Here is why:

Larger fields

Being inside, our footprint was limited by the size of building we were able to find. An Indoor Paintball field requires a lot of space, which leaves little space for players not playing and storage space. However, being outside we’re only really limited by property lines, which can be expanded! When we first moved outside, we were able to DOUBLE the size of our original field. About a year later we added an entire second field and we currently have plans to add a third. Each field is significantly larger than our old indoor facility.

Cleaner Fields

This may sound counter intuitive, but its true. Outdoor fields are generally cleaner than indoor paintball fields. Why is that? In 2019 our customers shoot over 2 MILLION PAINTBALLS! That’s a lot of paint goop!

We only use high quality, eco-fill, bio-degradable paintballs here. They are water soluble, wash out of clothes easily and off of walls and obstacles in the rain. But inside, there is obviously no sun or rain to break down and clean the paint residue. With a little help from mother nature, our fields stay clean all year long!

Another interesting thing we discovered operating inside: with all those paintballs flaying around, most of them end up soaking into the turf and create a very slick surface, like a skating rink! While that sounds like fun (and yes it can be), you shouldn’t have to wear a pair of cleats to play a casual paintball game on the weekend. Our fields have all the traction you need.


This is one area where indoor may have the advantage, but lets look at it a little differently. Could you experience what its like to tactically search for and combat your friends through a snowy environment inside? What about trying to capture the flag in a torrential downpour? We know these are some extreme cases and may not be for everybody. But for those adventurous thrill seekers, were here and ready to run your games in any and all weather. Are you brave enough?

Don’t worry, we have our indoor staging area available for you to get out of the weather between games!


While it is possible to plant trees or dig trenches inside, I think we can all agree that it’s impractical. However outside the sky is the limit, literally! Outside we can create some truly unique and interesting scenes.


Indoor paintball fields defiantly have their benefits, air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter are a definite plus for example. And we understand that some players may be weary of planing in the heat of summer, but were confident that the pros outweigh the cons at our outdoor fields. Taking all of this into consideration, we’ve decided that for us and our customers, Outdoor is far better.