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Come jump on the field during our Open Play time at SB Paintball! Every Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm & Saturday from 10am to 6pm, our Military Field is open to everyone! Come play some games with some other great players, maybe even make some new friends! Are you looking to host a private event? Check out or Reserved Events here.

Subject to availability, call ahead for up-to-date availability.


  • Field access
  • 100 Starter Paintballs
  • Open to other players
  • Referee
  • Paintball gun, mask, and air tank
  • Unlimited air refills


Can I bring my own equipment?2018-07-30T23:25:29+00:00

Absolutely! Just be aware that if anyone in your group would like to bring their own gun we’ll set up your whole group with standard size, 68 caliber equipment. There is no additional charge for this equipment however for a casual, more enjoyable experience we do recommend that everyone uses our smaller low impact equipment instead. Our 50 caliber low impact guns and ammunition shoot just as fast and accurate as the standard, while not hurting nearly as bad. The choice is yours! If you are bringing your own equipment plan on coming a little bit early so we can chrono your gun and make sure it’s shooting at or under the field speed. Just let us know when you make your reservation!

Can we bring our own paint?2018-07-30T23:27:12+00:00

We don’t allow outside paint for two main reasons. We shoot a higher quality paintball that we know will come out of your clothes and off our equipment. Most of the paint you can buy from Walmart or elsewhere is oil based and can permanently stain clothes and strip paint. We also shoot a specialty made, smaller, low impact paintball that isn’t typically available locally.

Do you have open play?2018-07-30T23:28:38+00:00

Yes! We have open play We have open play Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm.

Is your facility indoor or outdoor?2018-07-30T23:29:28+00:00

Our fields are outdoor, but our staging and break area is indoor.

Do you have age limits?2018-07-30T23:31:31+00:00

We don’t have a hard age limit, ultimately we leave it up to the parent’s judgement as to weather or not their kids will enjoy it. Our smaller, low-impact Paintballs have made the game enjoyable for even the youngest of players. Through the years we’ve found that 10 years old is a good guideline age for a minimum age.

Are you open in bad weather conditions?2018-07-30T23:31:58+00:00

We remain open during most weather conditions. The only time we will close for weather is during extreme or dangerous conditions. If you want to experience playing out in the elements, we’ll be right there with you!

Where are you located?2018-07-30T23:32:56+00:00

We are at 632 E. 1500 S. in American Fork, about a half mile south of the Pleasant Grove Boulevard exit. We share a parking lot with the Haunted Circus.

How much do extra paintballs cost?2019-02-26T01:46:59+00:00

We have Paintballs available in various quantities from 100 for $9.99 to 1000 for $59.99.

What protection equipment is included with my rental?2018-08-01T20:55:42+00:00

Each player will get a paintball mask. For those who want it, extra protection equipment such as chest protectors, gloves and coveralls are available for rent or purchase at the field.