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So you’re planning on spending the afternoon playing a few games of paintball with your friends, coworkers, or your “go-to” teammates. Did you know there’s more paintball equipment than just a gun and a fistful of paintballs?

What’s Included in the Rental Package?

All of our reservations (Public Open Play, Private, and Ultimate) comes with the following paintball equipment:

  • A semi automatic Paintball Gun 
  • A Hopper 
  • A few hundred paintballs to get you going
  • An Air Tank with free refills (Ohh yeah!)
  • A Mask that covers your most important features. Eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

This is everything you need to stay safe and have fun out on the field!  But, there are a few more options you may be interested in.

Two Different Sizes of Paintballs

Not all paintball guns are created equal.

Paintball equipment is designed to match player’s skill level.  As a result, there are two different types of paintball gun available in our rentals.  A standard sized gun that uses .68 caliber paintballs. And a smaller sized gun that uses .50 caliber paintballs.

We call the smaller sized gun our “Low Impact Option“.

Players at SB Paintball can choose to play with one of our Low Impact guns.  These paintballs are half the size of a standard paintball! 

Smaller paintballs = lower impact.

Extra Protection

Still feel like you want a little more protection?  You aren’t alone! 

We have gloves, chest protectors, and coveralls you can rent or purchase here at the field.

Want to bring your own gun? Awesome! You are more than welcome to bring your own paintball equipment to play with. Just make sure to let us know if you’re bringing personal gear because we prepare your gear ahead of time!

SB Paintball provides you with everything you need in your rental package to have a great time with your friends!

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