What to Wear to Paintball (Regardless of Skill)

So you've got the attitude needed to get on the field and play some paintball, but do you even know what to wear?  What should you bring that isn't included in the rentals? Does paintball paint wash out of clothes? Should I wear a cup for paintball? There [...]

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Paintball Equipment (5 Things You Need)

So you’re planning on spending the afternoon playing a few games of paintball with your friends, coworkers, or your “go-to” teammates. Did you know there's more paintball equipment than just a gun and a fistful of paintballs? What's Included in the Rental Package? All of our reservations (Public [...]

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Paintball Safety (3 Ways Referees Keep You Safe)

Each of our reservations at SB Paintball have a referee (Either shared or dedicated depending on your reservation type, Public Open Play, Private, or Ultimate) to help groups with paintball safety.  You’re likely familiar with the referee in your favorite sport that fans love shouting at and booing [...]

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Private Event vs. Public Open Play (What’s Best for Me?)

Do you have a group event/private event and need help deciding what package is best for you? Good news! We are here to help you make the best decision for your group. The most important question to ask yourself when choosing a package is how many people will [...]

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Low Impact Paintball Guns (Perfect for all Ages)

Did you know there are two different sizes of paintballs?  Most people are familiar with the standard size paintball (.68 Caliber), but there’s actually a smaller size too!  They're known as our Low Impact Option, and they're perfect for all ages and skill levels! What Exactly is the Low [...]

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