COVID-19 Notice

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Our Management team here at SB Paintball have been keeping a close eye on the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the precautions suggested by our government leaders and health organizations. We have implemented some changes at our field to ensure the safety of our customers, and to prevent the spread of [...]

5 Tips for Beginners

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Have you been invited to go paintballing for the first time? Not sure what to expect? Paintballing is an experience you won’t soon forget, but it can feel a little intimidating playing opponents with more experience. If you will use the five tips here, your friends will never know [...]

Is Indoor Paintball Better? Outdoor vs Indoor Paintball

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Which is better? Outdoor or Indoor Paintball? Both options have several benefits and draw backs. When we first opened our doors in 2014, we originally had an indoor facility. We learned a lot about indoor paintball after a full year of operation. We concluded that we would be able [...]

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