Paintball Safety Ref

Each of our reservations at SB Paintball have a referee (Either shared or dedicated depending on your reservation type, Public Open Play, Private, or Ultimate) to help groups with paintball safety. 

You’re likely familiar with the referee in your favorite sport that fans love shouting at and booing when they make a bad call.

But what does a paintball referee actually do?

Our referees main focus is safety.  They keep a close eye on each player to ensure players are following a few basic rules.  Some of these may feel like no-brainers, but you’d be shocked to learn how often players accidentally break these rules.

Referee’s focus on making sure players:

  1. Keep Their Protective Masks On

We require players to wear a mask before stepping foot on one of our fields.  This is the most important piece of protective gear.  Your mask covers your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears and if hit by a paintball, could cause serious injuries.

After a referee has called an end to a game, we’ve found that players naturally lift their masks off their head assuming they’re safe now that the game is over. 

Our referees are aware of this and are quick to remind players to keep their masks on until they exit the field where they’re free to remove the mask.

  1. Keep Their Barrel Covers On

Each rental gun comes with what’s known as a Barrel Cover.  It’s a strong piece of heavyweight fabric attached to an elastic band that covers the barrel of the gun and wraps around the back.

This provides a safety net if a player accidentally fires their paintball gun while the safety is turned off. 

The only time you’ll be taking this cover off is after you’ve entered through the protective nets and are on the field.  And as soon as you leave the field, guess what comes back on?

Referees has a sharp eye and make sure each player puts it back on before you exit the field.

  1. Ensure Guns are Working

Due to the delicacy of paintballs, sometimes, they can break before leaving the barrel of the gun.  When this happens, it can cause other paintballs to get stuck and prevent the gun from firing. 

While it’s not necessarily a safety concern.  It is an issue you shouldn’t have to deal with.

So let us.

Referee’s carry a few tools on them to quickly clean, empty, and fix any issues while you’re on the field.

Other than these 3 important paintball safety checks, your referee will help keep score of games and be your contact for anything you need while at our field. 

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