What to wear to paintball

So you’ve got the attitude needed to get on the field and play some paintball, but do you even know what to wear?  What should you bring that isn’t included in the rentals? Does paintball paint wash out of clothes? Should I wear a cup for paintball?

There can be a lot of questions.

Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the answers just for you!

Non-Staining Paint 

It’s important to note that none of our paint we use at SB Paintball will stain your clothes!  We exclusively use an oil-free, environment-friendly formula that is designed specifically to be washed out of clothing. Which means you can wear whatever you’d like and simply throw them in your regular load of laundry and it will come right out.

We want you to have a fun experience with us wether it’s your first, second, or 100th time playing paintball.  

We make sure you have everything you’ll need to have a great paint-balling experience!

Here’s what you need

  1. Shoes.  You’ll need a good pair of close-toed shoes.  You’re going to be running around a lot!
  2. Shirt/Pants.  You can wear shorts and a t-shirt!  But, if you’re nervous about getting shot.  We recommend wearing clothes that cover the skin.  Jeans, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, etc.

Here’s what included in your rental package

When you purchase book a reservation, each player gets the following equipment.  

  • A semi automatic Paintball Gun 
  • A Hopper (Not the Sheriff from Stranger Things)
  • A few hundred paintballs to get you going
  • An Air Tank with free refills 
  • A Mask that covers your most important features. Eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

We’ve got Extra Protection

Still feel like you want a little more protection? Most groups feel well protected in their own clothes, especially if you using our Low-impact Equipment, but if you are wanting a little extra protection we offer gloves, chest protectors, and coveralls you can rent or purchase while at our field.  (We have refs on the field dedicated to keeping you safe regardless of the gear you’re wearing.)

Our Recommendations:

Again, many of our customers wear heavier sweatshirts (even in the summer) to absorb some of the impact of the paintball. However, contrary to popular belief, the it’s better to wear loose clothing than it is to wear padded clothing. This helps to slow the ball before final impact.

Oh, and boys.  We’ll leave the decision to wear a cup up to you!