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Just some of our favorite features.

Learn more about Paintball here at SB Paintball and some of the great things we have to offer you and your group!


Specialized Paintballs for a Less Painful Experience.

Our special order low-impact paintballs shoot just as far and accurate as a regular paintball, while having a significantly softer impact. At less than half the size of  the standard 68 caliber paintballs, they are far less likely to leave welts after a good hit.

Our equipment is specifically designed to use this smaller ball as efficiently as possible. Because of the smaller size, a standard hopper can hold up to 3 times more paintballs, so there’s no need to worry about running out in the middle of an intense battle!

Would you rather play with the standard size? No problem, we have both options available! We set up our rental groups with Low-impact equipment by default to provide the best experience, so just let us know when you book if you’d like the standard 68 caliber equipment and we’ll make sure to get have it ready for you!

Great for:

  • Casual events

  • Players that are new to the sport

  • Younger kids


Play with groups you’d actually enjoy playing with.

No 12 year old birthday party wants to play with a group of adults that brought their own equipment that shoots twice as fast, and hurts twice as much. Also there’s not many adults that want to go play with a bunch of little kids that shoot anything that moves, and don’t seem to understand when they’ve been hit. That’s where we come in.

When you book with us we take notes about your group including age, skill level and what you’re coming down for. These notes allow us to only schedule groups that will play well together in the same time slot. For example if you’re a highschool dance group for example we’ll do our best to make sure that only other highschool students will be booked at your same time.

If you’d rather not play with other groups at all, we have private events available! Learn more about our private events here.


Exclusive access to our field with a private event.

Our Premium and Unlimited reservation packages include a private reservation upgrade! Our Private Event guarantees that your group will have exclusive access to one of our fields for the duration of your reservation.

The Private Event Upgrade is great for any event were you may want to add a premium feel. Play some games centered around your Birthday boy or girl, put your sales team against your support team, whatever you want to do.

The field is yours!

Great for:

  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Work Parties
  • Family Parties


Dedicated referee to keep everybody safe.

Each of our Reserved groups will have a referee to help you with anything you might need during your reservation.

The referee’s main focus is safety, they’ll keep a close eye on each player to ensure masks are kept on while on the field, and guns are safe off the field.

Other that that, your referee will help you with your equipment, help keep score of games if you’d like and be your contact for anything you need while at our field.


All the equipment you’ll need to play, right here in house.

We’ve got everything you need to have a great paintballing experience, no need to bring anything but yourself, an excited attitude and some close-toed shoes!

Most of our offerings include all the core equipment. A semi automatic Paintball Gun with a hopper and air tank, and a mask that will cover your eyes, ears, mouth and nose. For any one that may want a little extra protection, we have gloves, chest protectors and coveralls available for rent or purchase here at the field.

Want to bring your own gun? Awesome! You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment to play with. Just be aware that if anyone in your group brings their own equipment, we will likely have to set up everybody with full size, 68 caliber equipment also. Unfortunately this means you won’t have the benefits of playing with our Low-Impact Equipment. You can learn more about our Low-Impact Equipment here.

Make sure to let us know if you’re bringing personal equipment so we know what to plan on!


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