Gender reveal smoke bombs = awesome babies! (Maybe…)

Are you ready to tell the world about your baby in an upcoming unique gender reveal?  Don’t just post a boring picture to social media.  Get creative and use our colored smoke grenades for your upcoming gender reveal party!

We offer the world’s most popular smoke bombs available for local Utah pickup!

As much as we love gender reveal cake, balloons, and ice cream; we still think colored smoke grenades are the way to go.

Gender reveal fireworks? Bad idea.

You have heard the horror stories; couple lights a forest on fire with a firework and burns down thousands of acres of precious resources. Let’s avoid that, shall we? Our gender reveal smoke bombs are just as entertaining while being much safer! 

SMALL (Short and Sweet)

$10per device
  • Creative Gender Reveal
  • Unique Gender Reveal

LARGE (Serious Business)

$20per device
  • Smoke Photography

Unique gender reveals not your thing?  No worries.  Try combining your photography skills with a few smoke grenades for some creative shots! The type of smoke grenades we carry here at SB Paintball come from Enola Gaye, one of the leading manufacturers of smoke grenades.  Their devices can be seen in several Hollywood films such as Breaking Bad, The Fast and Furious, and the Walking Dead to name a few.

You can feel confident that whether you’re looking to capture a breathtaking photo or spice up your unique gender reveal party; our grenades won’t let you down.

Oh! And it’s probably worth mentioning.  The reason we carry them at SB Paintball is because smoke grenades play a vital part in some of our game modes as well as provide great cover from enemy fire. Play airsoft? Scouring Reddit for the best smoke grenade size? Come on by and pick up both sizes to upgrade your amory!

Ready to buy or have any questions?  Gives us a call or visit us during our shop hours! (Local Pickup ONLY)